Orange Orbit Productions is a specialist film, TV and video production company offering an array of digital media services including animation, multimedia, photography and website integration. This niche collaboration encourages integration throughout all digital and marketing platforms and gives brands and organisations an instant edge.

Film, TV and Video Productions

TV Series

From pre-production to post production, Orange Orbit Productions will deliver superbly packaged visuals to position your company ahead of the competition and securely in the mind set of your audience.

Corporate Video Productions

Corporate video productions

Creating the perfect corporate video requires a clear understanding of the brief, creativity as well as professionalism that will deliver a high quality audio visual that captures the essence of the corporation and speaks to the heart of its audiences.

Event Filming

Event filming

An event or exhibition provides a unique opportunity to interact with clients, customers and staff on a one-on-one basis. Orange Orbit Productions provides an edited event filming package that can be used in a variety of applications with voice over or presenter style formats.

Green Screen Filming

Green screen filming

This provides a cost effective alternative for video productions as it does not require specific location shots. Orange Orbit Productions has perfected the art of green screen filming and is continually engaging with new technology in this regard.

TV Commercials

TV commercials

From creative conceptualisation through to filming and editing, Orange Orbit Productions produces TV commercials for a wide range of products, organisations, brands and/or events & projects.

Screen Advertising Content

Screen advertising content

Make the most of your LED screen content by using this platform to broadcast vibrant visuals, engaging content and regular updates. Orange Orbit Productions can package all content requirements to ensure that your screens become vital information portals.

Induction Videos

Induction videos

Induction videos reduce the time spent in training sessions and also ensure consistency of information dissemination. Orange Orbit Productions scripts, films and edits induction videos that reinforce an organisation

Training Videos


Travel time and its associated costs are greatly reduced by facilitating training via video. This also gives organisations added value by optimising the numbers of individuals trained at any given period. We provide cutting-edge technology for training videos that educate, inform and entertain employees.

Scripting and Producing

Scripting & producing

Orange Orbit Productions writes content for a wide range of scripts including videos, commercials, training videos, online/websites and so on. We are also able to offer an onsite script writer to accommodate any editing that may occur during filming.

Interactive Presentations

Interactive presentations

Don?t go with the usual presentation! Get Orange Orbit Productions to develop your next presentation that will set you apart from the competition. Interactive presentations make use of visual and animation technology that give your presentations the creative edge.



With teleprompting, there?s no need to worry about your host or CEO forgetting lines! Orange Orbit Productions is able to prepare texts and content as well as provide the technology for teleprompting services. So the next time your CEO needs to leave a video message, our teleprompting service will guide the speaker through the process seamlessly.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Video

As social media has grown over the years, we have the team and capability to develop socila media videos for facebook, twitter, instagram and another 1000 socila media applications by the time you read this.


Orange Orbit

Orange Orbit